The book "On the Origin of Vikings. Beowulf shines new light" has been my life project since the late 80´s when I had discovered that there had been two competing trading routes through Scandinavia. Now 30 years later I am pretty sure that this is a new chapter of north European history that I slowly but surely has dug up.  
I have chosen a research methodology that does not contain any limitations in the number of hypotheses that one has to prove. 
Due to the english book Beowulf, I by chance discovered that there were a lot of real persons and events described in the book, that had its origin in mid part of Sweden (Svealand).The one thing led to the other and finally, in the context of the competing “Silk-Roads through Sweden” I came to the conclusion that Beowulf was a very important part of the media-warfare where the danish king argues that “the Svealand-silk-road” are not allowed to break out of the danish kingdom. If they still do - he is threathening them with the worst punishment of God… This media-war was going on during approx. 13 years and it involved most of the north-European “countries”. This media-war ended in the battle at Brávallir approx.750 AD.
Many historians argue that the battle at Brávallir has never taken place because the population in Sweden were not big enough to be able to handle this huge battle (plus more arguments).  Many also claim that Ivar Vidfamne and Harald Wartooth were not real persons. Maybe this is true, but in my context with the two competing trading routes through Scandinavia, it is more likely that these were real persons and events that might have been manipulated a bit to achieve the political objective with the Ynglingatal / Yngling saga and other political, norse stories.

Touch the green "Video about the book"- button (1,5 minutes) and you'll see a small part of the discoveries I've made about North European history, especially before the Viking era.